Power ShotTM Filter Cleaning & Maintenance

  1. Pre-clean by lightly tapping the filter to loosen any embedded dirt particles. If any dirt remains, then lightly brush with a soft bristle brush. (If this step has sufficiently cleaned the filter element, then simply re-oil and re-install).
  2. SPRAY ample amount of Power ShotTM Cleaner on the entire filter element and let it soak in for approximately 10 minutes. Use only Power ShotTM Cleaner because harsh detergents, cleaning solutions or solvents can damage the filter element and impair its ability to work effectively.
  3. RINSE the element with LOW PRESSURE water from the clean side through the filter to the dirty side. This removes the dirt without washing it deeper into the cotton mesh of the filter element.
  4. Allow the filter to dry naturally without the aid of compressed air or heat dryers. Compressed air can blow a hole in the cotton mesh and excessive heat can cause it to shrink; both of which can impair the element's ability to work effectively.
  5. Spray on an even coat of Power ShotTM filter charging oil to your filter. Allow the oil to soak into filter before installation.
  6. RE-INSTALL your Power ShotTM Filter making sure that the element seats properly in the filter case. Replace the cover, add any bolts, clips etc. and tighten to factory specifications.

Your Power ShotTM filter will need to be cleaned and re-oiled in 50,000 to 100,000 miles. We recommend P/N 100-14, 12 oz. Bottle of Cleaner / 8 oz. Bottle of Oil.