Balanced Flow Carburetors are for restricted classes which require unmodified, stock appearing or unaltered venturi and baseplate/bore sizes. They have balanced and aligned boosters and reworked metering for improved power throughout the RPM range. Use carburetor number you are required to run, such as 014412 for a 4412 500 2 barrel, which will pass local or NASCAR style plug gauge checks of the venturi and baseplate bore.
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"The Best-Kept Secret
in Racing."

Newest style NASCAR rules 390 HP casting. All the precision, all the tricks necessary to compete at a far lower cost than competitors are offering.
Moderate cost and precision for smaller engines. Recently won Pikes Peak Hill Climb in a 4 cyl Fontana powered open wheel car. Nice moderate cost 2-4 drag set up for small V-8 powered vehicles.
    Item #: 0180507
    80507 390 4 bbl HP series

    Item #: 014776
    4776 600 4 bbl

Modified 6 cylinder engines with 4 barrel intakes and small cubic inch V-8ís 280 to 350 which require extremely good low-end and throttle response.
For Econo limited V-8 engines 340 to 410 cubic inch for overall performance increase. Good choice for modified street or drag cars, Econo dirt late models, IMCA or Wissota modified.
    Item #: 014777
    4777 650 4 bbl

    Item #: 514777
    4777 650 4 bbl

    Item #: 014779
    4779 750 4 bbl

    Item #: 514779
    4779 750 4 bbl


The 650 has a wide torque curve and produces power over a wider range than other carburetors. It adapts to different engine combinations and has excellent drive-ability. Improved torque and throttle response results from improved fuel distribution. For gas or alcohol, double pumper or vacuum secondary. A carburetor by C&S incorporates the knowledge gained over 37 years of professional carburetor preparation. The characteristic qualities that set them apart are: high airflow, unequaled venturi velocity, fuel atomization and low-end response. Features include: bored main bodies C&S nozzle discharge, stainless steel vent tubes, streamlined throttle shafts and completely reworked fuel metering. By far the best for your 602/604 crate motor.

    Item #: 0180541
    650 4 BBL Balanced Flow Carburetor

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