Maximum Flow Carburetors are modified for unlimited engines with ported heads or intake high compression or higher working RPM range to take full advantage of the curburetor's potential, to achieve the engine's maximum torque and horsepower. All-out racing applications where rules do not allow Aerosol Billets. Usually specifying only Holley boosters allowed and type of fuel. Particularly effective on big cubic inch motors. Include the following features: milled chokehorn, stainless vent tubes, matched and polished venturis, contoured or reworked entry angles for higher flow, reworked metering system, streamlined throttle shafts, balanced booster draw, and steel buttonhead butterfly screws.

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"The Best-Kept Secret
in Racing."

For big cubic inch small block or smaller cubic inch big blocks 400 to 450 to get maximum mid-range and top-end power on drag cars, pullers and boats.
For Drag and Puller use only where the 0541000 is outlawed. Retains Holley Boosters. Uses 1.700 Venturiís with 1.850 base for maximum airflow from a modified Holley design.
    Item #: 054781
    4781 850 4 bbl 1-3/4 base
    GAS..........................Starts at $1089.99

    Item #: 554781
    4781 850 4 bbl 1-3/4 base
    ALC..........................Starts at $1194.99

    Item #: 0541100
    1100 4 bbl 1.850 base
    GAS..........................Starts at $1713.99

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