Belt driven fuel pumps were developed to solve fuel delivery problems of high horsepower engines burning alcohol. However they can work very well on race engines burning gasoline. They have several important features that make them ideal for gasoline or alcohol racing applications. First because pressure and flow are directly related to how fast the pump is spinning. At low RPM such as idle or caution flags, fuel pressure and flow will be low. Conversely when engine RPM and load is high, under maximum power situations, the pump spins faster and fuel flow and pressure increase proportionately.

This combination of low pressure at low speeds and much higher pressure at high speed is absolutely necessary for high horsepower engines on alcohol.

High efficiency positive displacement alcohol unit will pump 850 pounds per hour at 10 psi. Compact billet aluminum body and brackets, stainless steel main shaft, low friction ball bearings, high pressure, precision injection molded aluminum housing. All parts are anodized or gold dichromate cadmium plated. No rough sand castings. Complete system consists of pump and bracket assembly, engine mount bracket, pump pulley, crankshaft pulley, crank drive mandrel, belt, bolts and hardware. Plus for a limited time you will receive with pump purchase a C&S pressure sensitive belt drive bypass at no charge (regularly $71.00) and the new C&S billet check valve at no charge (regularly $49.00).

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